Junk Happens


Spring is always a time for cleanup around the homestead and this spring finds us more needy of a farmyard facelift than usual. I find myself embarrassed by the disarray but at the same time I realize that many other homesteaders find themselves in the same quandary.  I believe several things come into play to make Continue reading

Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong


Grief is a respecter of no one’s timetable but its own, and though it’s still my frequent companion it’s a bit more compassionate with me now.  I didn’t know exactly how to start this much belated post other than to just tell it like it is.  Now that’s out of the way.

It always amazes me how fast time flies by and here we are with another year come and gone.  The beginning of a new year certainly provides plenty in the way of blog fodder which is a good thing because Continue reading

The Heat Is On

After experiencing the most lovely, cool spring I can remember (God truly is gracious in our time of need) I believe summer has arrived.  The first clue is that everyone in the house is “dewy” by early afternoon, except David who is generally drenched and salt encrusted. Temperatures have been in the mid 90’s, but that’s better than 110. Continue reading

How To Skin A Cat

One of my favorite sayings is “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” I get a bit confused on my jaunts around the homesteading communities on the internet when people tell other people, “Oh, you can’t do that!” as if there’s one way and one way only to accomplish the things we do Continue reading

Agrarianism Defined


Herrick Kimball is probably my favorite agrarian blogger and I have followed him for years.  I believe him to be a man of rare kindness, humility and discernment, a genuinely honest and unpretentious individual.  Mr. Kimball always does a better job of communicating what I’m thinking than I ever could and in a recent post on his Deliberate Agrarian blog he’s done it again. Continue reading

No Turkey Shortage For Agrarians

Butterball Warns Of Turkey Shortage

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but feed prices aren’t going down; not as long as we’re growing corn for fuel.  My advice: grow your own corn and your own turkey and tell Butterball and the fuel Nazis and all the rest to go jump in the creek.


Because We Can: Choosing Off-Grid Agrarianism

DSCN1183 (500x375)

Countless times over the years I’ve been asked variations of the question, “Why would you want to live that way?” Truthfully, my first unspoken response is “Because we can” but there’s much more to it than that. Continue reading