Rabbit and Kraut


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Eggs-travagant Dining On The Homestead


It’s that time year – eggs running out my ears.  Now that’s a word picture, huh???  Anyway,  I thought I’d share a couple of things I do with eggs besides fry them along with some observations about cooking and storing this easy-to-produce homestead protein source. Continue reading


Yesterday I tackled a tiny piece of the mustard patch.  We planted this garden late in the fall, not certain if anything would stand the winter.  However, we knew for certain that seeds won’t grow in the package so we threw them out there.  In the last few weeks of brighter sun and sometimes warmer weather they’ve Continue reading

The Heat Is On

After experiencing the most lovely, cool spring I can remember (God truly is gracious in our time of need) I believe summer has arrived.  The first clue is that everyone in the house is “dewy” by early afternoon, except David who is generally drenched and salt encrusted. Temperatures have been in the mid 90’s, but that’s better than 110. Continue reading

Canning Bacon


First, the disclaimer:  The USDA does not recommend canning bacon and has determined the practice to be unsafe.  Once again, nothing you see me do on this blog should in any way be construed as a recommendation that you do the same.  I make my own decisions.  You’ll have to make yours.

That said, here’s how I can bacon.

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