Sometimes I just have a conglomeration of pictures to post and I can’t come up with a good title.  This is one of those times.



Our apricot trees are blooming for the first time this year.  I believe we planted them 2 or 3 springs ago.  They’re forecasting 39 to 40 tonight, which often translates into up to 7 degrees lower down here in the creek bottom.  I’ll be up way before dawn to see if I need to spray any blossoms with water to, Lord willing, protect them from frost.


Plowing the sweet potato patch.  We use weeds, when we can get them turned under before they go to seed, as God’s green manure crop.  The sweet potato slips will come from Kansas State University in early June.


A wild American Plum.  They ripen in the early fall and make exquisite wine with almost a cherry brandy flavor.


The first potato sprouts.



The oak leaves are telling me it’s almost time to plant corn.  Old timers said plant corn when the oak leaves are big as a squirrel’s ear.

2 thoughts on “One Of Those Times

  1. Thanks for sharing your pics. I loved them. Very interesting info. Short and sweet.

    Cindy Shower every face with love and grace

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