I wanted to title this “Fun With Dead Animals” but thought some might find that a bit macabre.  It made me giggle anyway.  During the cold weather the last couple of weeks we finished up almost all of our butchering chores, processing the last of the wether goats and 3 rather large rabbits.  We ground the biggest part of the goat and all the rabbits and made lots of great breakfast sausage with the addition of some pork fat scraps that we got from the meat man at the grocery store.  Lord willing by next year we will have our own pig fat.  More to come on that later.  For the best sausage with super lean meats like goat and rabbit we use 25 to 30% pork fat.  We include the rabbit fat in that mix because it’s so benign and mild but we trim off every scrap of goat fat.  It has a distinctive smell when you cook it, almost like rank mushrooms.  It’s very hard and we’ll use it to make suet feeders for our bird friends and I may try it in a batch of soap and see what happens to the smell.  Here are a few pictures of the processing.

DSCN0024 (480x640)

“Meatloaf”, alas we knew him well.

DSCN0026 (640x480)

Boning out the goat carcass. . .

DSCN0033 (640x480)

and the rabbits.

DSCN0029 (640x480)

Getting the grinder ready.  I had to enlarge the mounting holes on the work table.  This is a Lem brand #32 in stainless steel.  It’s best to invest in a grinder of good size and quality and to have a way to mount it securely.

DSCN0032 (480x640)

“The Other Red Meat”

3 thoughts on “A Quick Update On Meat

  1. I actually love the title “Fun With Dead Animals” and I don’t even eat meat! This is a great article! Thanks for the post with pictures. I recently got a meat grinder at the thrift store and look forward to making meat treats for my husband. Super informative!

    1. Thanks for reading. 🙂 If I can get around to it I plan a post on meat grinder basics that might help you. BTW, I enjoyed reading your blog and wish you the best in your homemaking and homesteading adventures.

      1. Thank you so much for reading my blog! I am just getting started but this is what makes my soul happy! I really am excited to read about Meat Grinder Basics from you!!!!

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