TomatoFest Heirlooom Tomato Seeds

DSCN2651 (500x375)

I very rarely mention products or companies on this blog but I’m so tickled with TomatoFest heirloom tomato seeds that I just have to share it.  My sister and I are

planning a grandchildren’s garden that will consist of Glass Gems corn (for Gemma), Ella’s Pink Plum tomato, Oran’s melon, Liana long bean, Carson bean and mustard for Faith.  We found Ella’s Pink Plum at TomatoFest.  I was unfamiliar with the company but it received almost all positive reviews on Dave’s Garden so we gave it a shot.  Of course, I had to peruse the other 600 or so heirloom varieties that were listed.  After settling on 4 varieties in addition to Ella’s Pink Plum we placed the order online on the evening of December 25th.  Email confirmation came immediately with a shipping date of December 27th.  We were absolutely thrilled when our seeds arrived on Monday December 30th exactly as ordered along with 2 extra varieties that I had looked at while browsing.  Shipping was less than $4.00, so the extra two packets covered that.  There is a $15.00 order minimum.  I didn’t want to open all the packets, but the one I did open contained roughly 40 to 50 seeds.  Regular prices were in line with other seed companies and many of the items were on sale at up to 1/2 off.  I’m anxious to see germination rates here in a few weeks, but based on selection and service I would definitely recommend checking out TomatoFest.

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