Cured Venison Loin: Day 7

DSCN2579 (500x375)

On Day 7 the venison loin was due for an “overhaul”,  meaning a check-up and another application of cure.  Notice how pretty and pink the meat is.  It looked great and smelled sweet.  Again, I used 1/2 oz per pound, rubbed into all surfaces of the meat, then back into the fridge or a cool spot for another 7 days at least before smoking.

2 thoughts on “Cured Venison Loin: Day 7

    1. I usually put a loose cover on it. Sometimes I use Morton Sugar Cure, especially for hams. Sometimes I use Tender Quick on bacon. Occasionally I’ll make up my own cure using one of the old recipes I’ve collected and sometimes I add extra brown sugar to the Morton Sugar Cure. This seems to help tame the saltiness. You can also try curing for a little less time. If your making a fresh, modern type of bacon as opposed to an old-fashioned room-temperature stable product you can get away with a lighter cure. Also, if you have a batch that turns out too salty soak the slices in cold water for a few minutes then dry them well before cooking.

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