No Turkey Shortage For Agrarians

Butterball Warns Of Turkey Shortage

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but feed prices aren’t going down; not as long as we’re growing corn for fuel.  My advice: grow your own corn and your own turkey and tell Butterball and the fuel Nazis and all the rest to go jump in the creek.


2 thoughts on “No Turkey Shortage For Agrarians

  1. I’m getting pretty angry with rising food prices in general, and also feed prices. The only answer is to grow and raise as much of our own food, and forage, as possible–for the sake of our finances and our health. We don’t have turkeys yet, but for our Canadian Thanksgiving (held in October), my son cooked one of our guinea fowl! We also had some home-butchered goat. Not so traditional, but very tasty!

    1. Oh, guinea is good! My mom used to talk about Grandma Duffek baking them with sour cream. Yummy. And goat is great as well. Much milder than you would think.

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