Facebook, Only A Little

Have I mentioned that I hate Facebook?  Well, that hasn’t changed since the last time I posted about it.

I just think Facebook is weird, but I’m told that 95% of you disagree. Winking smile

It would be less weird with some modifications.  For example personal pages that allow you to publically classify your “friends” into categories like Real Friends, Needy People I Passed Once In The Hallway In Junior High Friends, I Have No Idea Who This Person Is But I Want To Boost My Friend Count Friends, and People Who Aren’t My Friend At All And Are Just Here To Agitate Me Friends.  Then if they would just add some extra response options besides “Like” – things like “Don’t Like” and “Who Cares??”

The group pages aren’t so bad, but even there display options would be nice.  For example, it matters not one whit to me how many other people “like” something if I like it and kind of along that line I have no need to toot my own horn by displaying how many people “Like” my own page.

So, yea, I still don’t like Facebook but I didn’t delete the On Big Turtle Creek page when I dx’d my personal page and opened a new one just for commenting on stuff. (If you go there you’ll see I have no friends, LOL.)   Actually, at the time  I didn’t even think about the blog page, but I had David on as a co-manager so I just recently figured out that it’s still out there.  Then, the other day I found a thing on WordPress that will automatically post my blog entries to Facebook so . . .

1) Since so many people use FB on their smart phones (Oooh, don’t get me started on those!), 2) The page is already there, and 3) I don’t have to fool with it, I’m going to keep On Big Turtle Creek on FB active.  So, if it’s your thing (bless your heart), enjoy, just don’t look for me to announce every time the goats fart.  The best way to communicate with me is still here on the blog or at onbigturtlecreek@gmail.com or judith L (lower case) bowman at gmail.  And no, David dear, you can’t convince me that getting a microwave would be no different than this (an inside joke.)


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