The Slowest Talkin’ Yankee I Ever Heard

I want to take this opportunity to thank Scott Terry, the North Country Farmer, for having us on his Christian Farm And Homestead radio show.  Over the weekend I’ve had the chance to muck around in my head my answers to his wonderful questions and, as I predicted during the interview, I have much better ones (answers) this morning.  Note to self:  Extemporaneous speaking is not my forte and I would be prudent to do a little better mental preparation for any future interview opportunities.

It was a blessing to “meet” Scott and his thoughtful questions have given me quite a bit of blog fodder which I hope to begin sharing.  I would encourage everyone to tune in on Friday evenings at 7:00 central time to Christian Farm And Homestead and to keep up online with North Country Farmer.

And by the way, Scott really is the slowest talking Yankee I ever heard.


4 thoughts on “The Slowest Talkin’ Yankee I Ever Heard

  1. Judy, I’m sorry that I couldn’t listen to you live on Scott’s show, but I’m tuned in to the archives right now! Also, my satellite internet was down for a couple of days :-(. I’m just catching up now, listening to you talk about your bio-sand water filtration system!

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