Agrarianism On Parade

DSCN2178 (500x375)

This weekend we attended the annual Murray County Antique Tractor Show in Sulfur, OK.  If you’re ever in this part of the country in September you ought to try to go.  It will give you a sense that maybe the world isn’t entirely broken.  This is an event where your children can leave your side to explore and learn on their own without worry, a rare thing today.  I get a sense that there must be a sign posted somewhere on the grounds that says, “Pedophiles will be threshed and baled.”

DSCN2169 (500x375)DSCN2168 (500x375)

The day was full of great agrarian activities with old equipment demonstrations, a wonderful flea market, music, barbecue, antique tractor parade and a tractor pull and tractor rodeo.  We bought homemade ice cream made with “Poppin’ Johnny” “Hit and Miss” power.  Poppin’ Johnnies “Hit and Miss” engines are the old single cylinder engines that sing “Pop! puff puff puff puff puff Pop! puff puff puff. . .” (I was corrected by my competent husband who tells me Poppin’ Johnies were actually the old two-cylinder John Deer tractors and that I should get my terminology correct.)

My sister remembered her childhood on the farm and how she and my other sister stacked feed stalks that Daddy made with his old binder.  Here David talks about how one worked.

DSCN2171 (500x375)

He remembered a cotton picker like this one from when he was a boy.  Oran is fascinated with all the old equipment and, Lord willing, will learn how to operate and maintain it as well as his Doodad as he grows into manhood.

DSCN2172 (500x375)

Here he’s showing Oran an even older cotton picker.

DSCN2174 (500x375)

DSCN2176 (500x256)

DSCN2177 (500x419)

Lianna loves tractors and would have jumped at a chance to drive any of these old beauties.

DSCN2179 (500x375)

David found himself a good working two-man crosscut saw at one of the flea market booths.  I suspect I’ll soon be learning a new skill.

DSCN2180 (500x375)


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