Washboards And Other Laundry Questions

My last post generated two good questions that I felt would be best answered in their own post.  Patrice asked:

Your article was very informative. I have been looking for a large washboard but can only fine the small ones. Can you please provide me with a source(s)? Thank you

A good washboard is essential to doing off-grid laundry.  Mine, made in Mexico and purchased through Amazon, is useable but the frame tends to loosen when it dries out.  My father-in-law found that quizzical, how a Mexican washboard found its way to the Tabletops via the Amazon.  When I have the money I’ll be purchasing one made by the Columbus Washboard Company, the only American washboard company still in operation.  Columbus Washboard Company offers a selection of galvanized, stainless steel, glass and brass washboards.  Honestly, I haven’t used all them so I can’t make a completely accurate comparison.  I’ll be purchasing the stainless steel model.  It will be more expensive than the galvanized option, but it won’t rust.  The glass models are beautiful but I would be afraid of breaking it and not being able to get a replacement if it were my only washboard.  I have an antique glass one that I found for a good price in a junk store that just needs a little TLC on the frame.  When I repair it I’ll be able to give a review of the pro’s and con’s of the material.  From what I can tell, the brass ones are primarily of interest to musicians.

If you Google “washboard” you’ll find several homestead related sources.  Some I encountered were Lehman’s, Red Hill General Store, Heinsohn’s Country Store and Homestead Country Store.  In selecting a washboard make sure it has good detail on the washing surface to get the best scrubbing action.  The smoother ones, usually the smaller ones, are designed for lingerie and won’t do much for really dirty clothes.

Millie added:

Thank you!
This is wonderful information.
Laundry is something I’ve really wondered about. Do you set up everything on the table so it is a comfortable height? Is that what the table is for? Can you share pictures of your set up?

I use the table to lay out and scrub jeans and overalls. My grandmother used the cellar door. I scrub the crotch and the entire front side then flip and do the back side.  I usually have to rinse these 3 times as my wringer won’t handle them. Next time I do laundry I’ll try to get some pictures for you.


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