De-Constructing Boots

DSCN2133 (500x375)

From a practical, a philosophical and even a preparedness standpoint learning ways to be frugal is important on our homestead.  Yesterday I found an old pair of boots with man-made uppers that were beginning to disintegrate.  The leather lower portion, however, was in fine shape.  As these weren’t the most comfortable or practical boots I’d ever worn I debated donating vs. trashing vs. saving what useful materials I could.  Saving won out.  With a pair of scissors, a knife and 10 minutes I de-constructed  myself about 50 square inches of nice, soft leather.  What could I do with such a little dab of leather???  Repair patches, an eye patch, a nice length of spiral cut leather lacing, leather curtain tabs, a fly swatter, gasket material, . . .

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