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My grandson Oran likes to cook and to create recipes.  Yesterday it was an omelet, Oran’s Omelet.  It all started when he found some Egyptian Walking Onions down by the creek.  We had cleared some out of the garden and thrown them down there.  No need to plant them, they plant themselves.

DSCN1776 (450x600)

Next we cut some fresh asparagus and lamb’s quarter and just a little fresh sage.


2 farm fresh eggs, a couple of teaspoons of sour cream and a bit of butter rounded out the ingredient list.  Oran went to work.

DSCN1770 (600x450)

After tasting we decided that Oran’s Omelet was delicious, easy to make out of home grown incredients, and indeed merited a place in the recipe file.



2 thoughts on “Oran’s Omelet

  1. Our family loves fresh ingrediant omelets. Veggies right out off the garden and eggs from free range chickens (our friends chickens). Hopefully soon we will have our own chickens. Need to get a good LGD first.

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