A Planting A Day Keeps Monsanto Away


I’m not the most organized person and I tend to procrastinate – not the best qualities for someone who is trying to produce their own food.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed.  So, this time of year I do my best to follow a rule:  Plant something every day.  Two days ago it was Arikara Yellow beans and sunflowers.  These beans are sort of a half-runner climbing 3 feet or so and I’m hoping the sunflowers will serve as an adequate trellis, plus they are a Great Plains heirloom and stand a chance of doing well here.


Yesterdays planting was Black Valentine, State Half-Runner and Early Bird Garden (an experimental mix from RH Shumway) beans along with Dukat dill  Everything we plant is open-pollinated, mostly heirloom and we work hard at seed saving.


We use a lot of livestock panels in our gardening but it’s started to become apparent that we’re not always going to be strong and agile enough to maneuver the 16 to 20 foot panels around in the garden.  Last year we came up with a new plan.  David cut the panels into 2 foot sections and formed triangles.  These “modules” are easy to  move and configure and can serve multiple purposes.  We mostly use them as bean and pea trellising but they would also work as tomato cages and for squash trellis.  David jokes about writing a book on all the uses of livestock panels around the homestead, but I doubt that will transpire.


The rest of the day was spend organizing an area for garden tools and moving almost-finished compost.  Isn’t it pretty?


I’m off to the garden again.  Feel free to post or email you questions or comments.  Bless you all.


4 thoughts on “A Planting A Day Keeps Monsanto Away

    1. Mrs. T, Our red soil is quite something. It’s the reason all my sheets and towels are brown and my clothes are various earth tones. LOL. I’m considering combining it with the hulls from the black walnut tree in the pasture to make a dye that’s the perfect shade for no-scrub laundry.

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