A Conversation

This is one I have frequently.

Town Person:  So, I hear you don’t have running water?

Me:  Sure I do (when I turn on the hose that runs from the gravity tank that’s filled by the gasoline pump down by the spring.)

Town Person:  But, do you have water in your house?

Me:  Well, yea (when I go out and turn on the hose and fill a bucket and bring it in, or when I dip it hot from the woodstove reservoir.)

Town Person (looking relieved):  So, you do have running water in your house.

Me:  Well, I must confess I don’t (though there’s a nice pitcher pump slated to be installed to pump from the cistern tank under the kitchen.)

Town Person:  Oh (pregnant pause).  So. . .how do you go to the bathroom?

Me.  Well, just like you do.  I drop my drawers and . . . .

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