Springtime Garden Pest Control

Warning:  Peter Cottontail bites the dust in this post.  If you’re vegetarian or otherwise sensitive don’t read any further.

The peas we planted 3 or 4 weeks ago along with  potatoes and shallots are up.


And the cottontails, as always, know it.


So David did what he had to.


And I did, too.



(This was the inauguration of a new Gerber knife David bought me recently.  Some girls get pretties, I get knives.)

One of my favorite foods is rabbit liver.  While wild rabbits are considered safe to eat traditionally in months that contain an “r” – last year I cut one up at the stroke of midnight on April 30th –  this mature female had a few white cystic spots on the liver indicating possible parasites, so we composted it (the liver).


The heart went with the good meat, the chickens got the guts. . .


And the dogs enjoyed the hide, the head and the leftover carcass after the edible meat was removed  . . .


Nothing was wasted.

Stay tuned for:  “Not A Recipe For Wild Rabbit.”


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