Not A Recipe For Wild Rabbit



So, as per the last post, after a days chilling I had a wild rabbit to cook.  I searched online for a recipe.  Now, I love recipes and cookbooks but I rarely use them other than for research and reference; therefore, this is not a recipe for cooking wild rabbit.  It’s just how I did it.

Cut up the rabbit.  Brine it for about an hour in a quart of water with a tablespoon or so of sea salt and an equal amount of honey.  Taste the brine.  See if it tastes nice – salty enough but not too salty.

Cut up some home cured bacon and cook it.  If it doesn’t seem to have enough fat, add some lard, the point being to produce some well flavored fat to saute the rabbit in.


Add a couple of diced shallots or green onion or regular onion or even wild onion.

Dredge the cut up rabbit lightly in flour.  Remove and reserve the bacon and onion.  Saute the rabbit until browned.



Deglaze the pan with a couple of tablespoons of homemade wild plum wine.  Add some herbs – maybe a few dried juniper berries, some dried rosemary and thyme and perhaps a  couple of fresh sage leaves.


(Sometimes my pictures turn out pretty neat.  I wish I could figure out how that happens.)

Add some water. Not enough to make a stew, just about 1/2 i

nch in the bottom of the pan to gently braise the meat.  Cover and cook until tender, maybe 30 or 45 minutes depending on the age of the rabbit.

Cook some rice.  Season it well with some olive oil or butter and some herbs and garlic.

At this point my intention was to mix in some sour cream.  Being Czech I think any dish is improved with a bit of sour cream.  Originally I had also planned to add some mushrooms but I forgot.  In a week or so it will be morel season and I probably won’t forget the mushrooms then.  Anyway, David didn’t have time to wait for me to turn the pan juices into a sour cream gravy so he just added a dollop to his plate.

He liked it.


There are 2 or 3 more of the cute little pests out there.  Perhaps more Not Recipes are to come.

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