He’s Back!

David is back from Afghanistan.  People have been telling me I smile a lot now. 🙂

We’ve settled into a cozy routine here on the homestead.  He’s accomplished more in 3 weeks than I did in a year.  Unfortunately, he came home with a fractured vertebra in his back, but he’s still able to work harder than most.  He’s been busy cutting trees and grubbing out the stumps to open up more usable land along with the little things like changing the oil in the truck and fixing Oran’s BB gun.  Wednesday he and granddaughter Lianna went and picked up a Ford 8N tractor.  Oran promptly named it ‘Mater.  Lord willing, we’ll be building a new barn and new outhouse and adding on to the cabin within the next year.  The wild grapes have ripened and we put up 8 jars of grape syrup.  Next up are the persimmons.  I’m so happy to have someone to cook for again!

I hope to have pictures up soon and I want to thank all my readers who have supported me and helped keep my spirits uplifted while David was away.

Bless you all,




3 thoughts on “He’s Back!

  1. Judy!!

    I just caught up on your blog today and was met with this wonderful news! Praise God for your husband’s safe return. That just makes my day. We continue to pray for God to direct your paths (and may they lead down here to Texas for a visit sometime 🙂 HeeHee. Thank you for sharing and may God bless and keep you and yours. Please extend our warmest regards to your husband from me and Dave.


  2. Judy,

    Praise God for David’s safe return, your smiles and the cozy routine you’ve settled into. (smiley face) So nice reading of your accomplishments since his return and goals for the next year. Looking forward to your pictures.


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