A Long Year

“Ecc 3:1  To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heavens. . .” 

It’s been a long year here on Big Turtle Creek.  David has been serving with the Oklahoma National Guard’s 1/45th Agriculture Development Team in Afghanistan and he’s comin’ home!  It’s not been easy, but we volunteered for this deployment so we can’t complain much.  God in His marvelous grace has used all the discomforts and setbacks to bring us closer to Him, to each other, and to our commitment to life we’ve chosen here on the land.  For me, the biggest grace has been humility:  I’m not as strong as I thought I was.  I can’t do it all myself.

Last winter was long and cold and summer as upon me before I knew it.  The neighbor’s cows trampled my poor attempts at this year’s garden so there are no fresh jars of this years’ home canned provisions lining my shelves.  Too many animals died, so right now my barnyard consists of 3 hens and Old Dan the rooster, an ancient horse and her companion goat.  The storage shed I built never got quite finished and none of the other ambitious projects I envisioned got past the planning stage.  One might say I have failed miserably.

There are people who would ask me why we would live like we do.  Why not move to town where life is easy; where the roads are good and the dirt is less and there are no copperheads in the yard?  Why???  Because the persimmon trees are loaded.  Because there’s deer in the woods and there’s firewood cut and stacked.  Because the land is ours free and clear now and water pours out of the rock just like it did for Moses and his people in the desert.  Because I know in my deepest parts and with unwavering certainty that God has called me to this.

4 thoughts on “A Long Year

  1. Hello Judy,

    Praise God for your husband’s return to you, your family and homestead!

    Re: the progress or perceived lack thereof with any given project, animals etc. this year; it’s all ultimately in the Lords’ hands.

    What was the extent of your injury from the truck incident? I’ve prayed for you regarding it; that you’d recover completely and quickly without long term disability, but have failed to write to get an update. Would think that injury played a part in summer progress with things when trying to do them on your own. Pray you are doing well. Praise God for His provision of land for you, and living separate according to His Will.

    Due to a cool spring, heavy rains, weeds…..and more weeds…..plus a sharp drop in temps in late August just as most produce was maturing/ripening; my garden didn’t produce much either. Naughty neighbor cows, though for your garden! (smiley face).

    Have a blessed reunion with your husband, Judy.


  2. Judy, you are a survivor and I’m sorry but you did not fail. When God created you he created a masterpiece. I just love the life that you live with the alls its ups and downs and have always been so proud of you.

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