A Picture Update

These are a few pictures I’ve taken lately showing the beauty of God’s creation here on Big Turtle Creek.

I don’t know what kind of moth/butterfly this is, but I thought it was amazing.

This is a section of the new electric fence I worked on yesterday.

Here is the grounding system for the fence, something I’ve discovered is very important in electric fencing.  These are 3 pieces of rebar, pounded about 2 feet into the ground.  The other pieces of metal are just junk that ended up in the picture.

One of our new apple trees.  We planted Braeburn, Granny Smith and Arkansas Black this spring.

The Braeburn apple tree getting ready to bloom.

The Chickasaw plums look to maybe be a bumper crop this year.

Oran has planted a melon, literally Oran’s Melon

7 thoughts on “A Picture Update

  1. It is amazing what you can discover of the Father’s creations in your own backyard. That moth is gorgeous. I have gotten in the habit of carrying my camera in my pocket. Our plums and pears have blossoms this year too. I’m looking around the area for some one who wants to trade for apples or peaches. Please keep us updated on the melon! LOL

  2. Moth is really beautiful.. I am finding that living the biblical agrarian lifestyle that I can truly see the amazing beauty that is in creation. Its like having a new set of eyes!

  3. I’m curious about your apple trees. So far all of our apple trees are semidwarf or dwarf. I’m thinking, if we had a do-over, that I’d go for standard fruit trees. What do you have? Can you offer insight on choosing which way to go with fruit trees? Thanks, in advance.

    1. Stephanie, We had to replant the trees in this post. It seems the ridge where we had them planted is not conducive to fruit trees. We lost 3 apples, 2 plums and, as well as I can tell, a hazelnut. This spring we replanted two apples and two apricots in a different location and all 4 seem to be thriving. We went with standard trees because we don’t have to be replanting them. The standards should last our lifetime. I’m just learning about fruit trees myself so I just kind of have to go with my gut.

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