Yesterday – 70 degrees . . .

Today –

Welcome to Oklahoma!

I’m a great fan of Google Books and have discovered that the best material is found by searching only for books with full view;  that is, the old books (generally early 20th century and before) that no longer fall under copyright.  I’m in the process of linking everything I’ve saved on this blog’s library page.  This is a short list of good homesteading reference material.

Sloan’s Homestead Architecture

Rural Architecture

The Whole Art of Curing, Pickling and Smoking Meat and Fish

How To Build A Home – the house practical

Housekeeping In Old Virginia

The Family Receipt Book

Home Pork Making

Farm Buildings

The Family Economist

The Art and Mystery of Curing, Preserving and Potting All Kinds of Meats, Game and Fish; also The Art of Pickling and the Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables

And this is a lovely arrangement of wild plum blossoms and daffodils that my granddaughter made.


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