I’m In Hot Water (I hope)

Though I feel lately like I’m taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, I’m making a little progress on projects.  Today I cobbled together a test version of a thermosiphon water heater for our outdoor shower.  Cold water from the bottom of the overhead tank runs into the bottom, is heated by the sun, and rises to return to the top of the tank.  At least that’s the theory, greatly simplified.  If the sun shines tomorrow we’ll see if it works.

Oran calls these my “bird friends.”  These are American Goldfinches that are beginning to shed their dull winter plumage.  I have  one of these feeders at each of the 4 windows in the cabin.

This is what I found when I checked the beehive last week.  I had thought that we might have lost our queen over the winter, but thankfully she’s alive and well and doing her job making baby bees.

We have a Chickasaw plum thicket just south of the cabin that usually either freezes out or succumbs to tent caterpillars.  This year I decided to thin it to the largest bushes hoping that if I attract enough birds they can handle the worm pests.  Even if it freezes, the bees get benefit from the blossoms and they smell lovely when in bloom.

6 thoughts on “I’m In Hot Water (I hope)

  1. I love your pictures, I’ve never seen a beehive before.. nor did I know how baby bees were made. This is truly amazing, God’s creation that is. Great shot!

  2. Laura, yes God’s creation is amazing. I’ve yet to tire of it and I’ve lived smack dab in the middle of it (that’s southern English)for years now. It looks to me like the little one in your picture is pretty amazing, too.

  3. Debra, Wow! It’s great to hear from you. I’ll be updating the water heater news soon, as soon as the snow melts and we get some sun back. LOL

  4. I’ve always admored what you and yours has done on Tabletop Mountain and plan to follow you “On Big Turtle Creek.” With his love anything is possible. Debra<

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