Can You Hear Me Now???

It’s been a while and I won’t bore you all with an apology or even a pledge to blog regularly till death do us part.  It’s been a long, cold winter and I praise the Lord that spring is almost here.  Doodad is in Afghanistan till October and I’m learning to do lots of new things to say the least.  Here are few pictures of things we’ve been up to.  Hopefully I’ll get to detail each project a bit more.  Ya’ll let me know if there’s something specific you see that you want to know more about.

In November, a week or so before he left country, Doodad and I enjoyed a lovely vacation in southern Indiana on the Ohio River.

On the way home I wandered some of the backroads of Kentucky and Tennessee looking for something.  This looks kind of like what I was looking for, but it wasn’t.

This was a little closer; I felt compelled to ask permission before I took pictures.

Anyway, I got home and realized that we have to build and nurture the life we seek.  No one’s got it ready-made.

Then, there was the blizzard.  Lessons learned:  Pay attention, don’t get cocky or proud of yourself, thank the Lord for His providence.

Afterwards it was a mess, though I have friends in Texas who would say, “That ain’t nothin'”

We lost some of the bees. . .

But some lived and we learned.

And. . . we learned about chainsaws, and how old hogwire is hard on them and how the Ace hardware man doesn’t necessarily know how to put the chain on right so you’ld better learn how to do it yourself.

And then there was the ice storm.

And God has used it all to make Big Turtle Creek flow pretty and clean. . .

So we can rely on His providence for water and learn all about slow sand filters.

We’ve lots of new friends. . .

And have learned that the hardest part of most projects is jumping off and starting them.  This is the beginning of not having to move 50+ pound batteries in and out every day in order to have some off-grid conveniences.

And this is the moon over Big Turtle Creek.

And this is me, doing just fine.


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