Smoke Signals

A quick update.

We had a blessed slow rain today.  Yesterday Lianna actually spoke the words “Please don’t rain” and I had to explain to her, after the sovereignty of God, how we never say that in Oklahoma.  I spent the day working on housework.  I am the only woman I know who can turn a minor seasonal tweaking into a major mechanical endeavor involving almost every tool I own.  Lord willing, I’ll get finished up tomorrow in time to do a little catfishing.  Lianna and I caught a 5-pounder a few days ago.  She hooked it and I landed it.  We both agreed it was scary looking, but now she’s as hooked on catfishing as I am.  Big catfish are a great source of meat and I’m researching old techniques for preservation.  Yesterday evening she caught a crappie all on her own and I fried it up for her supper.