A Quick Photo Update

Doodad was home this weekend and helped me do some cleanup, mowing, etc. so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.

This is the front of our tiny cabin.

This is the south side, and our micro-solar setup.  We’ve got 125 watts of panels and 2 deep cell batteries.  The smallest panel runs a solar attic fan that we use just a regular fan in the cabin during the day.  The large panels are facing east.  Because we live basically on the west side of a canyon we get much more morning sun than late afternoon sun.  We’ve found that until we can get the panels mounted properly on some type of tracker this eastern orientation gives us the best charge.  It continues to be a learning process.101_0155

This is our “sitting room” in front of the cabin.  I enjoy taking my coffee out here in the mornings while I read the Bible
and watch the birds.  We often have an evening fire and even cook out here when it’s too hot to fire up the stove in the cabin.
Part of the garden.  Cabbage is doing remarkably well this year.
Lianna and Oran on cabbage worm patrol.
After we finished working we enjoyed a great steak dinner.
Here’s Doodad showing Oran some of the fine points to grilling steak. . .

And talkin’ man to man.101_0162


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