Blessed Rain

Here in the Southern Plains we never, ever, ever curse the rain.  At least our family doesn’t.  A month ago we were on top of the house fire-spotting the several wildfires that were within 5 miles in 3 directions.  In the last 2 weeks we’ve gotten probably 12 inches of rain.  Our non-county-maintained road is almost washed out.  We’ll have to be responsible for fixing it.  The cabin has water seeping in.  A French drain must be installed. Part of the garden is flooded.  We must amend it to raise the soil level.  Still, we are thankful and it’s all good.

My granddaughter asked me the other day about why God made things like ticks and poison ivy.  Some would place the prolific rain we’ve gotten lately in the same category.  I told her there were many things we were incapable of understanding about our Lord, but that just maybe he put the unpleasant things here to teach us – to observe our surroundings, to be prepared, to know His power and sovereignty.

Big Turtle Creek got close to 50 feet wide at the low water crossing on our land.  It was impressive.  Awsome actually.  This was taken the day before the last rain.  The creek got probably close to twice as big with the last storm.  This is normally a road.

This is a mudhole built to be a pond several years ago.  It overflowed the dam for the first time.  We pray it will seal and hold water a bit better now.

4 thoughts on “Blessed Rain

  1. Our pond is finally filled back up, too.
    As I told the guy at the Erin Springs Suprette the other day: “It sure has been raining a lot, but I hate to complain because whenever I do it stops for 6 months!”

  2. Judy,
    We think we have gotten about 10+ inches at our house (about 40 miles northeast of you). We are thankful that there has been no severe weather so far this year.

    The wildfires came within 300 feet of our front porch, we were evaculated three times, but kept going back when the sheriff wasn’t looking. There were several homes lost in our area. If the wind had not changed as the sun went down, the firemen said that ours would have been directly in the path. I thank God that we were spared.

    Best to you and the family,

  3. Hello Judy -so glad you stopped by the blog and thanks for the thumbs up on the News Star article. One word on your new off-grid place -AWESOME! We are still learning and growing, teaching and helping others as we go, after all 10 years ago I wouldn’t have believed I would be actually grinding and making our daily bread. Now I give classes to help others…. isn’t God great!
    Blessings, Jeanette

  4. the ponds around here in Alabama look filled and good for a change,last year they all had green slime all over them.. we have gotten so much rain,but do not complain,”well hardly much” lol.but when it stops it may not rain the rest of the summer.I sure wished I had a way to save all of the water for when there is none…Enjoy your website,,

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