Turnip Wine

These are from an old book Winemaking At Home by Homer Hardwick.  I found them right between the recipes for tomato wine and verbena wine.

Turnip Wine I

Brown sugar
Cream of tartar
Brandy (optional)

Use turnips in the proportion of 4 lbs. to 1 gal. of water.  Wash turnips well and cook in water until tender.  Press out all liquor and strain through a cloth.  To every gal. obtained add 3 lbs. of brown sugar and 1/4 oz. of cream of tartar.  Start fermentation in a crock with yeast and turn into a cask after 3 or 4 days.  When scum no longer rises through bunghole, lower surface about 2 inches and water-seal until the wine has ceased wholly to work.  Then fill cask, bung up tightly and let stand until March or April before opening.

Brandy, if desires, may be added at the time of bunging in the proportion of 2 1/2 quarts for every 5 gals. of wine.

Turnip Wine II


Pare and cut into thin slices a large quantity of good sound turnips.  Put in a crock, sprinkle with sugar, and let stand for 2 days.  Now press out the juice through a cloth bag, strain and place in a cask.  Allow 3 lbs. of sugar per gal. of liquor, and when this is thoroughly dissolved, mix in 2 qts. of brandy and water-seal.  Bottle after 4 months.  This wine improves with age and will be better after a year has elapsed.

Turnip Wine III

Cream of tartar

Boil 3 lbs. of turnips, previously washed clean, in 1 gal. of water until they are very tender.  Pour off the liquor carefully, taking care not to bruise the turnips, and add enough boiling water to restore the original gallon.  Now add 3 lbs. of sugar and 1/4 oz. of cream of tartar.  When lukewarm pour into crock and start fermentation with yeast.  Stir every day for 10 or 12 days.  At end of this time place in a cask, water-seal, and let stand for 4 months when it should be racked into a fresh cask.  Set aside for 6 months more then bottle.

I have no idea what these recipes might taste like, but if anyone tries them I’d love to know how they worked out.

2 thoughts on “Turnip Wine

  1. oh god I sure hope there is not a parsnip wine recipe, besides that the recipes do look rather good and easy to attempt. I wonder if there is any fruit/berry wine recipes around that would be this easy? If you have a berry wine recipe like strawberry wine please contact me at donpjuan@nb.sympatico.ca

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