Smoke Signals

Just a quick update on what’s going on today.

My granddaughter and I have been working on building a shed.  We’re building several 8×8  storage sheds on skids.  We don’t want to build permanent barns until we’ve lived here a while and can pin down the proper location, so we thought little movable, multi-use storage pods would be just the trick.  Plus, they’re small enough that I can build them myself while Doodad is gone during the week,  they only cost about $360 each, and I can haul the materials in one load in my pickup.

7 thoughts on “Smoke Signals

  1. Judy, I would really like to hear more about this construction project. Could you use these for animal housing? With the wood floor, I’m not sure that it would work. What do you think?

    1. I talked with David and I think they actually be used for animal housing. He build a pig house in a similar manner on skids more than 10 years ago. The roof gave out but the floor’s still sturdy. There would be a few alterations depending on the species you’re housing.

  2. Great work ladies! Creative idea to make them portable during this interim period. Wish I could be there to help and gain more building skills!


  3. Amen, Judy. It would be fun and educational indeed. Just wish we could push a button and be closer together for a week for such a class as that! (wink) Have a blessed day.


  4. Not sure about OK, but in our county in GA, moveable structures do not add to the value of the property for taxes. My husband likes to use hoop houses, which have their very useful place, but I would like a shed or two that can really be closed up. Great idea…hoping for some more pics or info as I keep reading your blog…thanks again for writing.

    1. Stephanie, It’s the same in Oklahoma. Our taxes are also quite a bit lower since our cabin is built on a post frame and we don’t have indoor plumbing. I only got the one shed built and though there are things I will do different next time it has served me well as a toolshed.

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