Some Wintertime Pictures

We got a pretty good ice storm around the last of January.  I was iced-in as far as driving for 5 days. 

Here the grandchildren are enjoying sledding in my bathtub.  The bathtub probably needs a post in and of itself, but I’ll hit on it a bit here.  It’s a 2ft x 1ft x 4ft Behlen brand poly livestock tank.  It’s lightweight and super easy to bring in and out of the cabin as needed for bathing.  It’s wide enough even without a curtain that we don’t get water all over the floor when taking a “bucket bath.”

This was taken after the ice storm, and is a view of the hill leading up from our homestead. 

This was taken this Saturday, the view from my kitchen window.

Some parts of Oklahoma got up to 2 feet of snow.  We just got a sprinkling and some needed moisture.  Sunday it was all melted off, sunny and 70 degrees.

One thought on “Some Wintertime Pictures

  1. Love the bathtub sled! I discovered at a young age that toilet seats, turned upside down, make pretty good sleds until they crack in half… and by then I didn’t need one anyway because when Mom saw what I had done she made my butt too sore to sit on a toilet seat.

    Had to take a hog to the butcher in Davis last month and drove through Foster and Elmore City. Was looking for the “Tabletop Homestead” street signs, but no luck! Sure is pretty down there. I will be doing some turkey hunting in your neck of the woods in a few weeks.

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