A Trip To “The City”

Actually, to me that’s about any place with a population over about 50,000 (while “town” is anyplace with a post office and a quick stop.)  Specifically, for most of us from rural southern Oklahoma “The City” means the metropolitan Oklahoma City area.  I actually went to Norman, which is part of that conglomeration.  I went to pick up my Oklahoma Food Cooperative order for the month.  This month I bought a fairly large quantity of chicken and buffalo bones for making stock along with a buffalo roast, some seeds and plants, 25 pounds of wheat berries and a really cool handmade broom, which I plan to post about later.  While I was “in the city” I stopped by Atwoods, a farm and garden store, and picked up some tomato and pepper plants and some grape vines plus 10 pullets.  After about 2 stops in “the city” any urge I have to shop is gone and I’m ready to head for the woods.

This morning a cool front blew in and it looked like rain was coming as I headed off to work.  I talked to my daughter later in the morning and she told me that in addition to a good rain we had received pea-sized hail that literally covered the ground in white.  But, hail is moisture and we make it a point to never second guess the blessing of moisture.  The plants that I had already put in the garden took a beating, but I believe they’ll survive.

This isn’t this morning’s cloud, but one that came through a few weeks ago during a series of storms that produced several tornadoes both north and south of us:


3 thoughts on “A Trip To “The City”

  1. Amen Judy re: populations and how you think of them being a town v.s. a city!!

    As I posted to truthseeker yesterday on that CA/prisoner release blog…the two towns I live between are quite small but being from the country originally up north where the 2 nearest towns are about 600-900 max. people even yet…..above 10,000 seems city to me too!! So you order from your food coop, huh? Have you ever ordered wheat and other grains from http://www.wheatmontana.com ?? That’s where I got mine originally in good old 1999 for Y2K prep. Back then we had a whole semi-truck come to this region for several in a wholesale food club my friend belonged to, plus whomever (like Karen, her daughter in law, my dentist and I) else wanted to order. It was very economical done that way. When heading back from WA after visiting our son while in the Navy….we stopped at Wheat Montana’s mill/store in Three Forks and bought several more pails of wheat, etc. Still have several, but like I said…I need to inventory and stock up on some things again.

    So you bought some pullets? What type of fowl/chicken are they? For meat birds or laying hens? I read when dreaming of that tractor/henhouse, that March is the time to be ordering chickens. Do you have a henhouse by your new cabin yet?

    I heard about those tornadoes on the good ‘ol weather channel and prayed they missed you…..that cloud is sure dark and ominous looking! Big hail, but you’re right….moisture regardless. I appreciate all the snow we’ve had the last 2 winters for the same reason.

    I’m going to can those turkeys/beef roasts and clean this shack today. Ahhh…then rest tomorrow. Have a blessed Sabbath rest and Lords Day, Judy and y’all!


    1. The pullets, (all of them still alive, praise God!) were mixed. I got what looked to be 4 different kinds. They’re layers. I don’t have a chicken house yet, but am going to have to get on the ball once I get the shed finished.

  2. Great to see you posting again, Judy!
    I got some pictures of that same storm system last month… funny, I remember those clouds so well, I can almost picture where your spread is by which direction the edge of the storm was pointing!

    Hope all is going well with the new homestead.

    (And let me tell you, I don’t like making trips to the big city much either, but if you gotta go, Atwoods in Norman is the place to be. I was there last Friday to pick up a sump pump to clear out our flooded storm shelter, and I can walk around in that place for hours just looking at stuff.)

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