Cheesy Tamale Chili-Mac

This recipe is probably the epitome of junk, but could easily be transformed into completely or almost completely made-from-scratch.  It makes good use of  food-storage-type ingredients.  This is something  I devised when we first lived off-grid with no refrigeration.  Children love it and I think it’s pretty yummy myself.

1 box macaroni and cheese (the Kraft kind)

1 can chili beans

1 can tamales

Prepare the mac and cheese.  Add the beans and heat over low heat.  Cut the tamales into 1″ pieces, add the the macaroni mix, stir gently and heat through.

Great with a cold glass of milk.

One thought on “Cheesy Tamale Chili-Mac

  1. Hi Judy,

    Sounds like something my 20 year old daughter would like throwing together and enjoying. Been shopping heavier and plan on canning 2 huge turkeys, beef roasts, etc. to start stocking up heavier here. Thanks for the recipe…you’re right very adaptable!


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